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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your tours private?

Yes, we only offer Private tours, we believe it is the best way to travel, with a personalized service, adapted to you and at your pace. Unique and memorable tours for you, your family and friends.

Is your Tour Company licensed?

Yes, Fatima Experience is fully licensed and registered by Tourism of Portugal, RNAAT 442/2014. According to Portuguese law, every tour company must be licensed and registered in Tourism of Portugal to operate legally.  Is it important? Yes it is, because a licensed company will have and renew all the mandatory insurances and will offer you a professional service.

Do you only offer tours in English?

At the moment we only offer Guided tours in English or Portuguese. Other languages can be available, though subject to availability of guides and added cost.

Should I book in advance?

Availability is limited, so it is recommended to book in advance and secure your preferred date.

Are your tours guided, or are we left on our own to explore the sites?

Yes, our tours are guided, which means a guide will be with you to explain everything and take you inside the monuments. We do not leave people on their own to explore the sites and monuments, because we offer tours. Unfortunately there are many companies offering “tours” though they basically just transport you to the places and give you very little and basic information. In our understanding this is not a tour, so please be aware.

Can I change or add something to your proposed tours?

We have carefully prepared some tour options for you, though we are flexible and are always ready to adapt or tailor a tour to your preferences. Just Contact us!

What vehicles do you use for the tours?

Because we want you to be comfortable and safe during the tour, for transport we use Mercedes Benz Vehicles or equivalent. All vehicles have air-conditioning and include bottled water.